Welcome to “Arts Row”

BRAND | Arts Row Homepage

Arts Row was built out of respect for artists everywhere. For the known and unknown, the trained and self-taught. For all who dedicate themselves to honing their craft. Because of them, our lives are richer. -Paula Soito

Hi gang,
Guess what? I have found another online venue to share my work. The website is called, “Arts Row,” created by Founder & Teacher, Paula Soito. I believe we ran into each other on About Me and Twitter.

One of the things I like most about the site is the layout…

BRAND | Arts Row Artpage

The choice of font, photo icon, subtle text color; the little things that show attention to detail. As I like to say, Crispy. Of course, my job is to make sure I have quality work displayed to match.

I know…I already have over twenty venues that feature my art online. Why would I need another one? As I’ve stressed in the past, each venue seems to have a different audience. Because the style of each one seems to attract a separate demographic.

Often times, people who have seen my work on one site have not even heard of some of the other sites I exhibit on. Which also means I get to meet more people with various interests. I learn something new from someone new.

Plus, since I spend more time at a computer screen than I do socializing, this helps me communicate with other people for a change.

For the most part, I only share a tiny fraction of my work on all but two websites. Around twenty-five of my best pieces shown on each site is fair. Otherwise, I would get burned out from trying to manage them all. (Lesson learned). Still, if I receive a good level of feedback from a particular venue, I’ll share more of my work there.

Oh no, my eyes are starting to irritate me, which is an exit cue. 3am. Hmm. When does ‘Good night’ become ‘Good morning’?

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