Product Photography | “Obsession” by CK.

Product Photography is a different type of outlet to express myself artistically. In many ways, it’s one of the most challenging subjects to photography because all of the elements within the scene have to be as flawless as possible. However, it is one of the most rewarding challenges because when a scene meets expectations, popular brands have many uses for it.

This cologne was a Christmas gift from my mom. I decided it would be a great test subject for this challenge, which proved to be true. The first step to capturing any scene is choosing the proper composition. How will the product be framed? Where is the position of the light source? What is the mood of the entire scene? As always, each image is has its own personality.

At first, I tried to capture the typical product shot. Straight forward, this is what the item looks like. Boring. 🙂 My frustration from failed attempts led me to turn this project into a work of art. Like any other subject, my own thumbprint needed to be evident.

As I changed the position of the light, I noticed how the color of the cologne seemed to sparkle when it was backlit. Light bulb moment; the rest is history. Here’s a slightly altered view:


“Obsession” | Calvin Klein

Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson

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