A Welcome Melody with Chris Zabriskie

I remember one of my last photography professors telling me that many people complete 90% of the process in reaching their goal. It’s the last 10% that many of these people fail to complete. I didn’t like or understand what he meant at the time, but, years later, I understand it perfectly.

The last 10% takes so much more effort, even compared to what it takes to get the 90% done. I am working on the last 10% now. I hope. Please. Someone. 🙂 Right?

The YouTube Channel needs to be updated and I recorded quite a few takes of myself talking into the camera. I felt the practice was necessary and the final project was okay. It just didn’t feel like the “best” way I could present my work.

I decided to scrap the final and focus on highlighting the work itself. Then, I prepared myself for a lengthy process in choosing the right song/melody for the project. No kidding, the first melody I listened to was perfect. I tried others as well, but they didn’t fit the mood I wanted.

Chris Zabriskie’s “Cylinder Six” is peaceful, but not boring or over-dramatic. I like the tempo and how it fits with the way I present my work here.

Now, I simply need to find more like it that I’ll have permission to use. Out of the other 15 videos on the Channel, I’m only satisfied with two, maybe three of them. But they all need improvement in some way.

It’s time-consuming, but I rather enjoy listen music, finding the match for my content. Sometimes, the music inspires me to create a visual form of it. I think the same thing happens in films.

A good combination.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Really liked this Eric, the photos were a great snapshot of your talent. The music was soothing.

  2. Hi, Charlotte. Thanks so much! I spent the passed couple of days sifting through music & photos to put seven more together. I hope everyone likes them. Happy Christmas. 🙂

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