Escape Me.

Art Print | Starting at $16

There’s always going to be negativity, doubt, anxiety, fear. You can try to fight them with scriptures, inspirational quotes, ice cream. They always return. The room is empty. There’s no one there, but you. Yet, your mind is filled, tormented with what might happen. The scenarios seem endless. Dread is the consequence.

You claw and scratch at the air, telling yourself you can win. You ignore your own certainty of failure the best you can. Will it work? Does it work? Can you hide from yourself? No.

But you can change who you are. The way you think. The way you feel. You can smile, again. Because every new day brings a new beginning… a chance to live, to breathe, again. To not attempt an escape from you, but to face you.

And the focus will finally shift from who I am not… to who I am.

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