Photography Series | Margaux

Hi. I knew that I wanted to improve my photography skills in 2016. Eventually, a new challenge had to emerge through a new opportunity. To those of you who have followed my work through 2015, you know that most of what I photograph are objects & scenes.

I want the work to be as natural as possible without coming across as boring. It was a great collaboration between what the model had in mind & how I wanted to present the work.

One of the things I have to improve upon this year is being more comfortable in new environments. Having a better understanding of how much light I need in certain settings, whether artificial and/or ambient light. A person’s eyes are more sensitive to light compared to a camera’s sensor.

It took me a while to get in rhythm. Thankfully, the model was patient throughout the session. But this cannot be taken for granted and is a lesson to remember for the next time.

To be honest, I was a nervous. If the model noticed, she didn’t flinch.

Eventually, I began to notice lighting, color, composition. Like a heartbeat. Our hearts beat everyday without us giving it a single thought. It’s a heart; it does what it was made to do. In the same way, I simply have to be. The kids would say, just do what you do.

Not to imply it’s easy. Still, if you’ve been working towards a career for how many years and strive to be really good at it… All the practice pays off when faced with a new challenge.


This scene is my favorite. I only adjusted lighting in the majority of the shots. No Gaussian Blur. No Clone Stamping. No Healing Brush. I didn’t remove strands of hair, etc. etc.

If the composition didn’t work, I moved to the next shot. And everything fit as long as I composed the scene correctly.

The wall in the background added subtle color and texture. The color of Margaux’s outfit with the gold necklace as an accent stood out just enough to fit the overall tone.

The sun was setting, so the ambient light was cooler while taking the edge off of the shadows. The shade of lipstick ended up being another accent color and the composition is solid.


I want to learn more. I know that I have a ways to go. Looking through more examples similar to the style I want to capture will help. Improve color tone, lighting, work with different compositions and backgrounds. It’s a process.

A special “thank you” to Margaux. You can follow her work at

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. These are lovely I’m sure Margaux is really happy with the shoot she looks beautiful, nice one Eric 👍🏻

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