MLK Jr. Admiration

I don’t look up to many historical figures, but Martin Luther King, Jr. definitely earned every ounce of my respect & admiration. He had to know, with the type of opposition he was facing, that he could lose his life. We all only get one life, so we’re usually careful not to put it in harm’s way.

Yet, he freely chose to think about the impact he could (or could not) have on future generations. The lesson here: “Life is not all about me.” We affect future generations by the choices we make each and every day. I’ve often heard that certain vices of an individual do not “hurt anyone else.” Rarely do I believe them.

Especially over the last century, advances in technology have made the world seem a whole lot smaller. And if recent headlines are any indication, the world will shrink all the more within the next five years. Still, I focus on smaller communities as I watch the local news. And most of it is bad news sprinkled with rays of sunshine and hope. 😦

So, now it’s our turn. How will the history books remember us? What will others learn from us? Whatever gift(s) you have, use them to positively affect today’s society and those who are ahead of us.

God bless.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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