Silver Halide Influence

I have always enjoyed looking at the more crisp Silver Halide prints, but have rarely tried to imitate the look digitally. Like a coin, there’s almost a shine to it.

Trying to balance highlights, midtones, and shadows was challenging because I usually allow the shadows to dominate the scene. This time, the midtones have to be strong with a little bite from the highlights.

This is the test run in Adobe Camera Raw, which updates ever so often. Currently, I’m running 9.1.1. The Interface reminds me more of Lightroom, a photo software I do not own.

What do you guys think? Good? Needs work? A little of both? I did have trouble composing the shots. I could rarely get something just right. In the past, I haven’t had as much trouble. But on this particular day, everything seemed a little bit off.

The third image is my favorite so far. There are a few potentials left on the table. I’ll see how it goes.

Happy Friday Eve.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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