Capture the Product

The next challenge for 2016 is studio photography against a white background. The difficulty level increased because I borrowed a friend’s PlayStation 4 for my subject. “What’s wrong with that?” First, it’s all black. The camera tends to pick up every piece of lent imaginable…

Product Photography | PS4

…and I have to ‘clean it up’ in editing. Furthermore, electrical devices seem to attract lent. Did I really want to face this potential headache? Yep. I did. The color black absorbs light meaning I had to setup three lights to brighten the scene.

Product Photography | PS4

Another issue is when you’re shooting a reflective product directly from above. Much like automobiles, in certain scenes you can see yourself and everything else. I did the best I could to maneuver the tripod and camera looming overhead out of view. Still needs work…

Product Photography | PS4

Most of my portfolio is absent of product photography because I’d always felt it involved too many creative restrictions. Coming into 2016, I wanted to try spicing up my own preconceptions of this subject. The shot above is what one of my former professors would call a “happy accident.” Out of focus…but I like it.

Product Photography | PS4

Ultimately, potential clients want to know if a photographer can capture the traditional product shots. I dismissed my normal yawn and tried it out. And yes, the controller slid down once. 🙂 No glue allowed…

Product Photography | PS4

Well, there you have it. Potential? I continue to add new work and submit my portfolio in hopes of landing more clients. I’ve also been working with the Founders of Artly (based in Berlin, Germany) to solidify my website. They have been awesome…you can imagine the time difference. Nine hours ahead of me.

Still, after following their direction, my portfolio is trimmed down, all the social media links work, and my domain name is attached instead of ‘forwarded’ to Artly now. Show it love:

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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