EXOS OF DESTINY: EP.23 – Shard of Crota

If you have not followed my Fan Fiction blog, “Exos of Destiny” I’d like to invite you to check it out. I just finished writing Episode 23 of what looks to be a 26-Episode storyline. Catch up if you’ve fallen behind or read from the beginning at: https://exosofdestiny.wordpress.com/category/episodes Thank you all. 🙂

Exos of Destiny

Previously on Exos of Destiny…
Titan boards a Cabal Freighter crashed into The Dreadnaught to find out what they know of Oryx’s whereabouts. Ghost decrypts their Security Codes; the Cabal have found Oryx. A portal will lead them right to him. Ultimately, Titan can’t enter the Portal. Only Ascendant Hive can pass through. Next move?

“I know of a way to get you through, Hunter,” Eris Morn continues.

“You don’t say,” Hunter snaps.

“I’m on your side. I want Oryx destroyed more than anyone. You must trust me.”

Hunter walks up to her as calmly as possible, “Eris, you haven’t exactly been forthcoming with who you take orders from. Where you came from. Why you were on a mission to destroy Crota in the first place.”

Eris is taken aback.

“We ran all these little errands for you when Crota showed up…”

“He was a threat!”

“No argument there. He’s…

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