Urban Abstract

I came across a question a few days ago on The Positive Nation that had me thinking about it over the weekend. The question was simply: “Who are you, really?” I took a lot of time to mull over it. As the sun rose Monday morning, I was more comfortable in my own skin…


Urban Abstract | 2016 – Starting at $16.00

…I need to be in order to achieve my goals. Beautiful Congestion is growing in popularity. I decided to try a similar shot at the same intersection of Downtown Las Vegas. The biggest difference: Urban Abstract is cooler in tone. The cars are in motion. Combined with a slow shutter speed, you can create these trails of light.

Composition is tricky because you don’t know how many cars will come by and at what speed. I did add a bit of grain to the scene, which reminds me of the texture on city streets. What do you guys think?

Personal Note: If you watched the Super Bowl Sunday night, I must say I still have the Mountain Dew commercial stuck in my head. Probably because it was the most annoying to me. “Puppy, Monkey, Baby! Puppy, Monkey, Baby! Puppy, Monkey, Baby!” Someone…please, make it stop. 🙂

I’ve… I’ve never seen anything like it. A dog’s head on a monkey’s chest and tail on a baby doll’s legs… walking around repeating the same thing over & again. I don’t know what to do with that. I’m thinking, these kids are gonna have nightmares. And what does that have to do with Mountain Dew? They spent millions of dollars for an ad spot to show that? Sorry, tangent over. lol.

Congratulations, Bronco Nation. God bless. 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson


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