Birth of a Dream. Beginning of a Brand.

Brand Sketch
Every dream starts somewhere. I had to shut off the computer, grab a graph pad, & pencil. Graph paper, because my drawing skills are not the best.

I needed an identity. A symbol that would tell complete strangers much my style of work. The Bat signal is memorable. Iconic. Loved. Tough to create.

Inspiration came from a gallery visit. Simple, organic shapes of black acrylic on white painted canvas. I loved them!

Using my initials were the obvious choice. Figuring out a way to get three letters to fit together was not as obvious. Sketch after sketch, nothing worked. Several months went by. Finally, a late November day in 2011, I kept the image above.

Brand 1-Year AnniversaryAfter showing the image to classmates of graphic designers and illustrators, I was confident with the completed concept. July 2012, the dream officially came into reality.

On the 1-year Anniversary, I shared this image on the blog. To think, this is almost three years ago. The biggest difference between then and now? Confidence & Discipline.

If you don’t have the confidence that a dream will come true, you won’t have the discipline necessary to bring it into reality.

A couple of years went by. The art collection continued to grow along with writing projects, and it all became more polished. A graphic designer suggested I remove the ‘bevel’ effect and stick to a flat, 2D design. I resisted for months.

Another gallery visit changed my mind. I wanted my work shown and respected on a greater scale. The brand needs to fit where I want to go. The bevel effect & metal texture was removed..

Not to be mistaken for the Bat signal. 🙂
Artistic. Simple. Me.

Normally, a logo features the company or artist name in the sub-title when first introduced to a new audience. This version is also available, yet, the symbol looks so spiffy by itself, I show it this way the majority of the time.

Do you need a logo? It takes time. If you lack drawing skills, simply write out your thoughts of what it should look like. I also suggest graph paper if you do decide to sketch ideas. Share it with those who know design better than you. Eventually, it will come together.

In my case, from concept to current version, almost four years. Keep at it until that nagging feeling to tweak something goes away. Find design inspiration in the things you love. They help tell the story of who you are.

Happy Sunday.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. I have always liked this logo. It’s very bold and eye catching. Strong but not overpowering.

  2. Thank you. Sometimes, it reminds me of a maze.

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