100 Huntley Street: Interview with Josh McDowell

(via 100 Huntley Street: The Connection Between the Brain and Pornography)

I love this interview because I’ve never heard of medical research being done on the brain to see how it reacts and responds to pornography. As I was listening, because of my past, I was like: “Oh, that makes logical sense.” I wish someone would have told me this during all the years I went to church growing up. That would have help me break this vice a lot sooner.

And then, people have told me, “Eric, you should talk about it with others.” Not on this subject. It’s one of those discussions that fall into the gutter so fast I stopped trying to talk about my feelings with someone else. Instead, I wrote about my struggles directly and creatively through poetry.

If you do decide to talk to someone, make sure that person is mature enough to handle it. Meaning your conversation is absent of corny jokes and sexual innuendos. Have a serious discussion.

For me, the vice is gone, but the war never ended. I don’t watch certain movies and TV shows. I don’t visit certain websites. I avoid certain conversations. I stay away from what I call “triggers,” which also include certain photographs, magazines, advertisements, the list goes on.

It’s a disciplined life. Sometimes, you have to distance yourself from certain family members and friends who hang around your triggers way too much. It’s hurtful, but necessary to keep yourself on the right track.

Some will mistake your strict self-discipline for you wanting to be self-righteous or a ‘goodie-goodie.’ That hurts, too. But what’s more important? What people say about you or doing what’s needed to live a healthy lifestyle?

The choice is up to you.
– Eric


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