Broken | 2016


© 2016 Eric Christopher Jackson

I used to be afraid to show these moments of vulnerability, insecurity, depression, anxiety. The weight of the world on your shoulders and you worry about it all.

Unfortunately, I think too many people express the negative feelings in the negative way. I think you can express negative feelings in a positive way. Well, the best way possible.

Art and writing are excellent ways to vent. To be honest… with yourself and other people. Things are not always ‘okay’ and it is okay to admit when you don’t feel upbeat and ready to face the world. Sometimes, you want to hide under the covers of your bed and let the world spin on as it does either way.

Happiness and sadness. Sadness can lead to happiness. Hitting the ground hurts. But when you get up again and finally soar, memories of hitting the ground make this moment that much sweeter.

You’ll remember the times you cried because you feared your dreams were crushed. You’ll remember the pain, the disappointment, the loneliness, all of it. In that triumphant moment, the moment you capture success, you’ll remember that you didn’t let your fears and hurts stop you from moving forward.

Character was born. Perseverance thrived. Determination succeeded.

It’s okay to cry, now. But it won’t last forever.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Isolation is a powerful way to try to bring people down. These are powerful messages Eric.

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