Easter 2016


I… It’s hard to explain what I feel today. Easter. I’ve gone through stores looking at colorful eggs and bunnies, lots of candy in baskets. Been in church since I was a toddler, so I’ve heard every Easter message. Nowadays, I struggle to make sure it doesn’t get old.

I’m happy. Not a giddy happy, but a grateful… happy. If that makes sense. I express my faith through art & creative writing because I am horrible at explaining my belief in God in plain, odd-fashioned text. Doesn’t work well for me. But if I can get you to see what I see in a visual or feel what I feel through a poem or story, then… I don’t feel like a crazy person believing in non-sense. And most everyone’s responses have been great so far.

I hope to complete my third poetry collection in April. Meaning many of my new ideas will not be shared on the blog. I’m also looking into how I can integrate my marketing material to include both art & poetry books.

I do have new art pieces to share. I am especially giddy about sharing one specific piece with you all. And it’s a colorful break from all the black and white scenes that are coming up. Be patient, for those who love color.

On a personal note, I think I’ve caught a virus of some kind. Since Friday, I’ve been feeling bad and this morning is worse. The orange juice and chicken noodle soup last night only made it worse (weird). So, this morning I’m okay with chamomile tea and handfuls of cereal.

To Jesus, I say, thank You.

Enjoy Easter Sunday.

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