Coming Soon: Poetry Collection | “Redemption”

Redemption: Full Cover
Redemption has entered the final stages of pre-production. The full cover has been finalized; the book is set to be released by June 2016. To celebrate the occasion, the Kindle Edition will be available for free near the release of the book. Stay tuned for the date.

I feel this is, by far, the best Collection I’ve written, to date. The writing is more polished, mature, and focused. The first poem was written in January 2014, while the final poem was written May 2016. Needless to say, it has been a long time in the making.

I feel the first two Collections, The Beginning of Me & Speak, are important, as well. All the pinned up emotion built over time finally had an outlet to be released. Which was necessary for me, but not as beneficial to readers. Since all of that emotion was gone, I had the opportunity to start fresh.

Redemption focuses, not so much on the past, but on the present & future. Questions concerning the past are discussed, but in terms of moving forward from where I used to be.

In the very least, I pray that you grab the free Kindle Edition while it’s available in order to get a feel for my style of writing and the subjects I address. It is also a great time for Book Reviewers to read & give feedback to their audiences.

From this point on, my creative writing will go into the next book. The journey starts all over again.

Thank you for your time.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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