The Medoran Chronicles: Book 2 – “Raelia”

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Out-of-Focus Image of “Raelia” on Kindle. 🙂

When Book 1 was released last year, entitled “Akarnae“, it’s the only book I finished reading in 2015. However, it did awaken a need to read more. “Raelia” is my second read for 2016. Progress? Not really. No. But there are still six months left for me to redeem myself.

As for “Raelia” I’m currently in Chapter 7 of 26. Our main character, Alexandra Jennings, has picked up where she left off. Well-intentioned 17-year old, but her decisions in certain situations makes me shake my head & laugh. The results are either humorous or life-threatening. Yes, that’s about right, come to think of it. Yet, the other characters in the story seem to be aware of this, as well.

I recently finished my first read of the year, which was a Paperback. It has some benefits. It’s nice to hold a book in your hand and not look at a monitor for a while. However, since I find myself reading at odd times during the night or early morning, it’s also convenient to read from the back-lit screen of my phone. Fits nicely in my pocket, too.

I ordered the Kindle Edition on Amazon. Since the author, Lynette Noni, is in Australia, the Paperback is hard to come by in the U.S. So, I didn’t have to choose between Paperback or Digital this time around.

Hmm. What do I like about The Medoran Chronicles? Well, the main character’s a girl, but she’s not a damsel in distress. She doesn’t really go on emotional roller coasters or constantly fussing over her nails & how her hair looks. Although she’s aware of looking good, it doesn’t consume her life. And she doesn’t endlessly talk about boys and dating and “does he like me?” type of stuff, which would make the book unreadable to me.

She growing into a pretty lady who can kick butt. Honestly, isn’t that what we want?! Or… okay, maybe that’s just me. We all know that women look good, but can they do anything else? Yes? That would be nice Magazine Covers! Commercials. Books. Movies. End tangent.

I know. I’m not finished with the book, so I can’t give an Official Review. I do recommend it. I have to admit, I don’t pay much attention to Young Adult fiction for reasons listed above. However, after following the Author’s blog on WordPress for quite some time, getting a sense of her personality & character, when the first book released I had to check it out. And now, I’m back. It was her plan all along. I’m… I’m reading! 🙂

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P.S. I’m happy this isn’t a video post because I’d probably butcher the pronunciation of her Book Titles. 🙂




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