Accept Yourself


May 25, 2016

I’ve spent most of my life not wanting to be seen. Sitting in the back of class. Didn’t go to Prom. I avoided the crowds. And the mirror followed me long after I left it. I didn’t like my own reflection. This led to missing out on opportunities; living life freely. No chains. No barriers. No Impossibilities.Instead. Walking around confined to a cell.

Now I realize I have the key. I have to let myself out. I have to forget where I’ve been, what was said, & start accepting me for me. So, I walked Downtown, set up my gear & fearfully ignored the awkward stares as I photographed myself for the Book promo & Author Bio. After a while, I wasn’t afraid anymore as my focus shifted to getting the proper Lighting. Reminds me of “Home Alone” as Kevin finally went to the eerie basement because he Needed to do the laundry.

I’m rambling, huh? All I’m saying is: You are somebody. Long before you sign autographs or have your name on a billboard, you are Special. And you don’t need to do anything to be Special. That status was conferred upon you at Conception.

I know, accomplishments are not evil. But when we have failed attempts or life isn’t going so great, don’t think less of yourself. Success is simply another confirmation of who you already are.

If we can accept this, then we can be happy long before our dreams come true. -Eric

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