"Redemption" : Poetry Collection by Eric Christopher Jackson

June 1-3, 2016: Free Kindle Edition “Redemption”

Available on Amazon.

Available on Amazon.

June 1-3, 2016: Free Kindle Edition
“Redemption” (Poetry Collection)
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To know all my secrets
All my failures
The worst parts of me
And love me anyway

When I don’t have the right answers
When I fall flat on my face
When I stumble in the darkness
And love me anyway

When I get old and grey
Lose most of my teeth
Need a cane to walk across the street
And love me anyway

Does this love exist?
Would anyone dare to try?
Or the real question is
When I find her
Would I?

February 14, 2015

-Hello, it is already the month of June in 2016. Time seems to be flying by. I want to thank everyone for following my work as I continue to grow, not only as a writer, but as a person. I am learning so many lessons on this journey & I understand it will take several months of consistent work to become more polished. However, I’m encouraged by the steps I’m already taking.

You can add my Author Profile on Goodreads. It’s a great place to upload your own book titles & find the work of your favorite authors. I can keep track of what I’m reading & books I want to read in the near future. I also have an Amazon Author Profile, which is linked to this blog.

I would appreciate any Book Reviews you are willing to share on Amazon & Goodreads. Honest Reviews, which will help me improve as I work on the next book. I’m leaning towards a collection of short stories & would also like to explore books of Art & Photography Series. I need to research this area of the market to see where my work can possibly fit in. Without question, I have a large enough Collection to publish a few books.

As for the promotion of “Redemption,” the next Free Kindle Edition date will likely be Wednesday, July 13, 2016. The timing of this week’s Promotion isn’t great because I didn’t realize Memorial Day would be two days before. Most people are still in ‘holiday-mode,’ which means they’re still coming back from going out of town or have decided to take a longer weekend vacation than originally planned. Next week, things will get back to normal.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading about other ways to improve book marketing, especially as a self-publisher. I’m also reading through the Writer’s Market 2016 to see where I can submit my work. Many possibilities. So much to do, so little time.

Side note, I still have not been sleeping well since moving back to my home state. I can’t seem to stay asleep for more than a few hours. However, I used the extra time in the day to read two novels and begin a third last month. The Holiday weekend helped me recover. Yet, I’m still not sure how to remedy the problem.

I hope you all have a great Summer, though I will be so glad for Fall to arrive. Less heat & humidity.

Eric Christopher Jackson



  1. Ooo I’ll see if Dad can download this for me šŸ˜€šŸ™‹šŸ¼

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