Untitled (2016)

There are moments in life when I feel numb. I have more questions than answers. I feel more stress than faith. Cries for help & direction are answered with silence. Sometimes, I don’t what to do or think or how to feel.

During this particular time in my life, I needed a positive outlet. Too often, people who are hurting simply decide to hurt other people.😢 I pray that, instead, we release our frustrations in a way that can help someone else, including ourselves, down the road. For me, I write & create art that shares what I often can’t say as well verbally.

For you, it can be something different. A conversation with family or a friend; an extra bowl of ice cream; punishment taken out of your fluffy pillows. We can’t hold in negative feelings & we can’t pretend like they’re not there.

Be honest with yourself & find a positive way to vent that will not hurt yourself or anyone else. And yes, gentlemen, sometimes life pushes us to cry.


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