Summer = Hot for No Good Reason!

Jacksonville 06.15.2016
Try to go for a walk earlier in the mornings to avoid the Summer heat & humidity that seems to be intensifying before the Season officially begins. In Northern Florida, last night’s Atlantic Ocean temperatures were around 80 Degrees. If the WATER is that hot, you can imagine what it feels like on dry land.

I left the house a couple hours before my normal time simply to avoid what I ran into yesterday, the blazing sun. And the air feels so thick it seems difficult to breath, at times. The ‘warm’ water is the reason for all of the hurricanes that form in the Atlantic. They feed off of the warm water & if the Earth is great warmer globally… Well, it’s not a good thing.

How about this moment?
Jacksonville 06-15-2016
No. This isn’t a typo. 96 Degrees. Humidity at 47%. I asked myself what’s so bad about humidity. It’s water vapor in the air, which should be a good thing on a hot day (or so I thought). Here’s the problem: I know ‘sweating’ sounds icky, but sweating cools down your body’s temperature. Humidity actually lessens the effectiveness of this process. Normally, when you sweat, the sun’s heat makes the sweat evaporate. Yet, when there’s so much water vapor in the air, say 47% Humidity, your sweat doesn’t evaporate at its normal rate.

Meaning, after 45 minutes of walking yesterday, I arrived at my destination feeling like I got soaked in the rain. Unfortunately. Hence, I woke up 90 minutes earlier & left the house earlier to avoid the 11am Hello Sunshine. I’m a bit sleepy, but happier for it & my clothes aren’t sticking to me like a bandage.

I’ll just end by saying, for the love of Pete (& yourself) arrive at your destination by 10:15am (10:30am at the latest) or be ready to face the wrath of… Happy Sunshine. I frowned one day remarking to the Lord: “I thought the sun was supposed to heat the Earth, not cook it.” Well, then, when I considered the (what is it called?) carbon emissions throwing off the Earth’s climate & pollution decaying the Ozone Layer that’s supposed to protect the Earth from ultraviolet rays… No wonder it’s so freakin’ hot. Not His fault.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if continue at this rate, it makes me wonder what Summer will feel like for our children’s children. A tip? If you keep the A/C (unit) on all the time, have curtains instead of blinds. Keep the curtains closed to lessen how much direct sunlight gets into your place of residence.

And please, please, please, STOP leaving children & pets in your car especially during the Summer time. Local news. Every year. Never fails. Children & Pets with Heat Exhaustion or Killed. Let’s make sure Common Sense stays Common. Sorry to leave on a sour note, but this is important.

Take Care.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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