"Entwine" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Entwine” | Contemporary Art : 2016

Open Edition Print
91.44cm x 60.96cm

“Colors & reflection entwined in natural light.” -ecj

I have always loved reflections and how light & color can play off of different surfaces. I especially love the red hue in this scene. The Composition is a bit funky, but it seems to work okay.

I also captured scenes of yesterday’s sunset, though, I have not had time to edit them. I simply sifted through the 275 photos I shot and picked 34 that sparked my attention. This is a normal ratio. Out of the remaining 34, I’ll be shocked if 10 scenes make the cut.

The goal for my Collection is to look for ‘the one’ scene that really stands above the rest. Of course, there are plenty that come close, yet, I do not want to saturate my Collection with too many similar pieces. Then, visitors won’t stick around long enough to find the really good ones.

That said, again, I am narrowing down my current Collection to make room for new work. Practically speaking, I spend a great deal of time on an Excel spreadsheet with several label tabs that are color coordinated. A tedious process & extremely necessary.

In other news, well, I can’t share everything at the moment. I will wait until I’m further along in the process before sharing anything significant. I will say, my Creative Writing is coming along. I hope to take advantage of a few opportunities as I focus on getting my Career in the Industry going.

I am shifting gears more often throughout a single day and use two separate email accounts for Writing and Art. It’s a bit of a juggle, but an opportunity in one area only helps to propel the other. Honestly, I thought I would work commercially as a photographer and write in my spare time. Yet, it’s turning into Writing professionally and focusing on Art Photography in my spare time.

Meaning, I’ve had to completely shift my priorities, but this feels like a better fit for me. I just wish I would have recognized what I needed to do a heck of a lot sooner. Still, I have hopes of returning to the West Coast as my Writing Career takes off. And this will fund the opportunities still coming along to exhibit my Art Collection.

Side note, my birthday was about three weeks ago & I did not do a single thing to celebrate. Well, I couldn’t do anything. However, I hope to be settled by this time next month. Even if it’s simply a pizza/movie night, I’ll be happy with that.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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