Peterbrooke : Chocolaty Aroma Goodness!


Who doesn’t love chocolate? (I see a few of you. Put your hand down). Everyone loves chocolate! Kids grow into adults who still want chocolate for breakfast! That said, walking passed Peterbrooke in Downtown Jacksonville, FL. is a welcomed treat.

As I was capturing photographs yesterday, I slowed my pace to take in the chocolaty-aroma-goodness. Yes, it was so amazing I had to take another look around as if visiting the place for the first time.


Fortunately, the Store Manager, Linda Crout, did not kick me out as I started snapping photos without permission. Eventually, I asked to photograph the staff (perhaps, as a ‘thank you’ for letting me peruse the territory and escape the Florida humidity/heat for a few moments).

Remember gang, a free scoop of Gelato on Wednesdays. Or perhaps it was just today, I forgot to ask. No, I didn’t go back today, I have so much to do. However, if you’re in the area… Run, man. Just run. 🙂


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