"Brand" by Eric Christopher Jackson

Choosing Sides: The Concept of Good vs. Evil

Darkest Hour
I used to watch “Transformers” as a kid. Optimus Prime was my favorite character and it was my first introduction to the concept of Good vs. Evil.

Quite frankly, it was confusing. The bad guys were bigger, stronger, had better, cooler weapons… They ridiculously outnumbered the good guys. Towards the end of an Episode, there was no logical reason for it, but the bad guys always lost. By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.

But that’s when I decided I want to be a good guy. And no matter how bad life may get, in the end, I will win because I’ve chosen to do what is right.

Of course, I’m tested. Sometimes, I think what’s the use of being good? Some people mock & laugh at you. Sometimes, you do the right thing only to be rewarded with terrible things still happening to you. So, I feel like I lose.

In the cartoon film, a giant, evil robot named Unicron was coming to destroy the planet. Optimus Prime said the power of the Matrix would light their darkest hour. Mind you, the Matrix was just a small container of glowing light.

Well, it worked. The ‘Chosen’ Autobot opened the Matrix & the terrible evil was destroyed. Who knew?

Now, I feel like it’s our turn. Between people walking into public venues shooting others to suicide bombers causing havoc at airports, someone has to be a light. Someone has to choose to stand up for what’s right against all odds. Someone has to choose to love people unconditionally. And we all have to understand no matter how intimidating & brooding evil can be, in the end, it never wins unless we let it. -ecj

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