Redemption : Kindle Edition

Available Today: “Redemption” (Poetry Collection) : Free Kindle Edition

Redemption : Kindle Edition

After weeks of waiting, the day is finally here, yet, I’ve come down with an awful cold. Sore throat, tough to swallow. However, I would have been bored if I stayed in, so I took my normal commute, albeit late.

Redemption is such an important topic to discuss because we all need it. We’ve all made mistakes & done things we aren’t proud of. But the focus of this book is on myself. It’s easy to point at everyone else’s lives and see what they’ve done wrong. I forced myself to look in the mirror; it was difficult to see my own faults, and was hard to want to change.

It’s taken me several months to get to where I am now. I still haven’t ‘arrived.’ I still have my demons to fight. They didn’t get weaker, I’ve just gotten stronger to fight them off.

Plus, I look to you all for inspiration because it’s tough to be strong by myself. Your art, quotes, comments, etc. fuel me to stay focused. I can leave the old me behind for good and finally be redeemed.

It seems like the closer I get to my goals, the tougher this road gets to travel on. You can lose sleep because you’re sick, you have a sore throat, and a wisdom tooth may be coming in so you can’t sleep on the left side of your face.☺ smh. Ouch.. But I’m learning to not let any distractions or delays bring me down. I’ve come so far; there’s no going back now. I can’t..

Don’t get in your own way of success. Whatever you have to let go, no matter how much you want to cling to it.. let it go. It’s not worth losing your dreams, losing yourself, over it.

Maybe I just had to get out of bed to tell someone that today.

I hope you all pick up a copy if you haven’t already. Feel free to leave Book Reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Thank you.

– Eric Christopher Jackson


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