Dan Haseltine & Eric Christopher Jackson

“Followed” : Published on “My Trending Stories”

Dan Haseltine & Eric Christopher Jackson

October 2011 | Azusa Pacific University

Hi. I’ve been offered an opportunity to write for “My Trending Stories” based in NYC. Along with many other writers, I hope to post, not only entertaining content, but address meaningful subjects that need our attention.

You can keep up with all the content I post here:

If you’re interested in becoming an MTS contributor, they are looking for several writers to add. Various subjects are available. All of the work remains your own. They discovered my writing through my this blog and they even accept previously published content.

It’s very tough to focus on anything else besides the senseless acts of violence plaguing our world. I’m not entirely sure what to say about it. What more can any of us say?

Eric Christopher Jackson


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