St. John's River | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

St. John’s River : 2013

"St. John's River" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
St. John’s River : 2013
Open Edition Print

Moab Lasal Exhibit Luster
25cm x 38cm

Late afternoon, as the sun begins to descend, I find myself dreaming of a wonderland. I cannot go there; it does not exist. Perhaps, I can create it. -ecj

Normally, I oppose heavy editing. However, I wanted to push this image so far, I had no choice. The original scene had potential, yet, it was very dull. I wanted the sky to have some life to it with a lot of detail in the tall grass. I wondered if I pushed it too far until the reaction I received from visitors was overwhelmingly positive.

Ultimately, as an artist, you just have to go with your gut. What looks right to you. It doesn’t always work, but as you gain more experience, receive more feedback, you’ll find a nice rhythm.

Much of my work is available in various sizes. You can find details of this on the Prices page. The price of an art piece depends on the dimensions and paper type ranging from $60 – $260.

I’ve decided to sell my work directly to customers opposed to selling work through various channels such as RedBubble, ImageKind, Fine Art America, Society6, Crated, and all the other websites my work was sold through. It was a chore to keep up with several online venues. Plus, the quality of the work and pricing varies from one distributor to the other.

Now, I’ve chosen one company to send print orders to and I’ve already sampled the quality of their prints. I simply need to familiarize myself more with International shipping costs.

Side Note: As you can see, my Theme has been updated. I like it. 🙂 I think it’s an annual occurrence as the blog is in its fifth year and I’ve changed it about four times, if not more. I am so far behind with my blog posts here. I will have to group updates together to let you all know what’s been going on.

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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