Into Light | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Into Light” (2016)

"Into Light" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
Into Light : 2016
61cm x 91cm
Non-Glare Acrylic Lustre Print

Artist Notes:
Creating Texture can be challenging for me because I always compare my work to paintings instead of other photography work. Paint can be layered adding Depth to a piece. Photography is always going to have a flat surface, even with textures of certain paper types.

Opposed to the scene reaching out to the viewer with a painting, a photograph has to pull the viewer into the scene to add Depth.

I want viewers to feel like reaching into the scene to touch the building, the light. I love deep shadows with intense light. The Midtones are where I interpret my art pieces differently.

This is the first “Limited Edition” piece in my Collection. Only 250 Fine Art Prints will be created, signed, and include a Letter of Authenticity. My initial feeling is my work from 2016 and beyond will be considered for Limited Editions. The majority (if not all) the work from 2008 – 2015 will remain Open Edition Prints.

I simply want the work I create from now on to reach a higher level in terms of execution and presentation, which justifies a Limited Edition status. This also helps me move into a slightly different target market. The challenge, for me, is to push myself to create work on a level I have not before.

God bless you.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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