The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0

The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0

The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0
December 2016
The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0

Each contestant will be a part of Art Basel Art Weeks 2016 at the Miami Beach hotspot with over 40,000 visitors! We are organizing a very big art project that is touring the world and stopping in the best art spots around the globe. THE ARTBOX has a 400 ft2 booth at one of the biggest art exhibitions in the Art District in Miami. All artworks entered will be shown on an oversized screen. The screen will be divided into several areas, so that from a distance it looks like a huge, oversized artwork, which will have a strong appeal to art lovers. In the exhibition space, visitors can look at each work individually on the screen in their own time. Each work will be shown several times for a long time.

The ArtBox Projects Visualization
In June, I received an email from a representative having found my work on Saatchi Art. I wasn’t able to take advantage of the opportunity right away. However, I was able to submit an art piece a few days ago and received a confirmation from their Switzerland office on Sunday.

If you would like to take part in this Exhibit, fill out the Registration Form on The ArtBox.Projects. The Deadline is September 30, 2016. The Entry Fee is $49 per work of art.

Since my plan is the leave for Beijing in November, I will not be able to attend personally. However, it is a wonderful opportunity to have my work seen in this type of venue by so many people. 400-feet is longer than a football field. I can only imagine what the atmosphere will be like. I hope to receive a healthy level of recognition from the Exhibit and ride this wave into 2017.

God bless you.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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  1. […] you at the end of August the news of an Art Exhibition in Miami. You can read the previous blog here. Everyone who entered will have their artwork shown on large, interactive screens where visitors […]

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