"The Human Effect" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

The Effects of Pollution in Photographic Artwork

"The Human Effect" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
The Human Effect : 2016 || 61cm x 91cm

“I try to make it perfect. Flawless. I try & try again. Failing each time. Why do I reach for perfection when I know its unattainable? Because if I don’t, I’ll never be better than what I am.” -ecj

Artist Notes: I did my best to edit out much of the litter across the landscape. Still, it’s… I’m getting use to it. Plastic bags, water bottles, wrappers, and more. It’s all there. PhotoShop to the slight rescue?

The Human Effect (Before)

I don’t people-bash by saying humans are destroying the planet. I do know that, collectively, we can do better.

I just don’t think that ‘everyone’ realizes we live on a work of art, which is why photography is important in capturing these moments as legitimate works of art.

It’s a reminder that everything from the sun, moon, and stars to the trees, animals, and oceans all contribute to this 3-dimensional masterpiece. And we, as people, are something like works of art ourselves with the ability to create even more art.

If only we could see it…
Eric Christopher Jackson

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