"Edge of Light" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Edge of Light : 2013

"Edge of Light" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
Edge of Light : 2013
Series : Blue Cypress Park
Archival Print : Open Edition

“Darkness reigns where no Light exists.” -ecj

There are times when I look back at scenes from years ago to see if there’s anything I missed. Of course, there are always scenes that ‘may’ be a good fit for my Collection. I have to be careful, however, not to simply add work from previous shoots simply because I want more work. The quality of past scenes has to be consistent with recent work.

Beginners may ask: “What’s really important in adding an art piece to my Collection?” As I’ve mentioned before, each scene has to have a personality of its own. It has to have a voice that clearly speaks to the viewer seeing it for the first time. Naturally, the same scene can say various things to different people. Yet, the scene has to draw them towards it just the same. If viewers only give a passing glance, make a note of what makes this scene less effective than some of your more popular scenes.

I know; each scene we create will not be a smash hit. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with trying. Whether your medium is painting, photography, sculpture, or mixed media, etc., as the years pass, we only get better as artists. That said, one of my most popular scenes was captured over eight years ago. Still, new viewers are seeing it for the first time and respond accordingly. While I want some of my newer pieces to get such a response, I can’t dismiss the reactions to an older piece.

With this in mind, I continue to skim through folders of work in my spare time, looking for nuggets I may have forgotten or dismissed. My eye for good work has gotten better; what may have looked dull before may be a jewel, now. Still, it’s important to spend most of your time creating new work because you’ll discover new concepts and the quality of the work will be better.

I hope you all are having a Happy Wednesday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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