Listen : 2009

"Listen" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
Listen : 2009
Series : Dark Light
Archival Print : Open Edition
31cm x 31cm | $90

“When I am not worried, stressed about the obstacles I face, I can listen clearly to the Holy Spirit’s voice guiding me on where to go next.”

Happy Friday Eve everyone,
Although I have organized my Art Collection, there are still quite a few pages to sift through. Many of you are short on time to look through it all. With this in mind, I’ve decided to highlight individual pieces more often opposed to only sharing new work with you on the blog.

“Listen” is a part of a Series entitled, Dark Light.” Despite the fact that this is my first Series of Art from over seven years ago, new viewers continue to respond to it well. In fact, I think it’s safe to say, it’s still my most popular Series of Art to date.

That said, I am thinking about expanding the Series to include a handful of pieces that were excluded including a Behind-the-Scenes look at the Studio Setup I used in the Shoot. I feel that it would be great to have viewers dive a little deeper into this particular Concept.

I have found that viewers almost automatically associate the pieces in this Series with Christianity before they read the blurbs included with each art piece. How? I’m not entirely sure since only a few of the scenes show a cross predominantly. The most popular piece, entitled “Rest,” has no signs of a cross at all. Yet, people seem to get a sense for what it means to me.

It is all a part of the pleasure of creating art. As mentioned before, not everyone agrees with or even likes the Messages behind the work, which I knew would be the case. This is why I put much of my focus on creating the types of Composition and Lighting that viewers could respond to positively.

Ultimately, that has been the case leading to my place as a Finalist for an upcoming Art Exhibition in Miami. If you missed the News, you can read about it here: The ArtBox.Projects.

I would like to point out an important lesson from the scene:

Negative space is also a Character.

Often times, the focus of an art piece is a person or something tangible. Empty space can also be a focal point. It adds to the story you may be trying to tell. In this case, I wanted to include a portrait of God in the scene. Since I didn’t want to use a religious symbol to represent Him, I added negative space to the Composition and intense, directional Lighting on the subject. The combination of the two helps give a sense of someone else in the frame.

I am still puzzled. People usually associate this amount of Darkness in an art piece with Evil. I’ve seen it in the work of other artists. The mood of their work can be creepy, even brooding. Yet, this Series is just as dark, but I haven’t heard anyone link the darkness to…let’s say, evil lurking in the shadows. I suppose the intent of the Artist comes through the work more clearly than I thought. What do you think?

Well, that’s all I have for today. If you have not already, please Follow my most active Social Media Channel: Instagram. 🙂 At times, I use the Stories feature to share video clips and photos of new projects and previous work.

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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