"Redemption" by Eric Christopher Jackson | ISBN: 978-1533219763

A Poet’s Collection

ISBN: 978-1533219763
I still remember the feeling a holding my book for the first time. After several months of looking at text and images on a screen, it’s a joy to hold something tangible. I can’t believe “Redemption” was self-published over five months ago. Times flies.

Do you have a project in mind? I encourage you to take steps to accomplish this dream each day. Yes, the steps can be tedious. There is no glamor or fame received in doing the meticulous aspects of any goal. However, without these smaller steps, you’ll never arrive at the moment you dream of.

Get used to the silence. Get used to your own doubts and uncertainty. Get used to the long hours of chipping away as you try to reach the stars. Get used to criticism from some that feel you’ll never make it after years of trying. Their point-of-view is understandable and even warranted. You’ve had the same thoughts of failure.

Still, you continue step after step because you’re not focused on where you are, but where you’re going. When all of the baby steps lead you to reach a significant point in the process, give yourself permission to smile for a while. Appreciate the moment because not everyone endures long enough to reach it.

Lately, I’ve begun to embrace the silence. I’ve begun to embrace the long process. No cheers from fans. No pats on the back from colleagues. No spotlight from above. Just do the work on a consistent basis. Success will inevitably follow.

Happy Friday 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson



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