"Rivals" : Screenplay by Eric Christopher Jackson

The Network of “Stage 32”

"Rivals" : Screenplay by Eric Christopher Jackson
“Every Hero has a Nemesis. The first time I saw mine, he was in a mirror looking back at me.”
Feature-Length Screenplay by ecj.
Genre: Crime/Drama

Today, Stage 32 works with over 400 industry executives and has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the leading source for educating film, television and theater creatives through our Next Level webinars, classes, and labs.

I have begun adding my writing to Stage 32 to help me organize and Network with other Creatives in the Film Industry. “Rivals” is No.9 overall; five projects are short scripts. It’s a daunting task to find the cast, producers, and directors for each project. I try my best to focus on creating  the types of films I want to see.

Looking ahead to 2017, I hope to enter my writing projects into more competitions and see where improvements are necessary. For now, I want to finish up the few stories that have been collecting dust. Next year can be a fresh start for new ideas.

It is important for screenwriters to protect their ideas by registering projects with the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. There is a $40 Registration fee per project.

Simply for documenting the date of creation, there is the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA). Depending on your location in the U.S., there are two offices. Although WGA West, based in Los Angeles, is more predominantly known, WGA East, based in New York City, is for screenwriters on this side of the country.

Contrary to popular belief, if your work is stolen, Registration with the WGA will not protect your project in the Court of Law. Only the copyright documents from the Library of Congress will. Correct. It does take up to six months for your project to be Registered, but it will prove ownership of your screenplays. Be patient. This is a lengthy process, overall. Find more information about this subject on The Writer’s Store.

“Rivals” isn’t necessarily a new idea. To be honest, I’m thinking of rewriting it for a more concise tone. However, my goal was to get the idea on paper and edit it. This black and white scene photographed in 2015 became the catalyst for writing the screenplay. The mood of the script is a bit dark, but I tried to lighten the atmosphere through some witty dialogue. I won’t know for sure how well the script is received until I enter it into competitions and Judges give me feedback.

I will examine the Villain’s role. I feel like there could be room to give him more depth or substance. But I did want to make sure the character wasn’t evil for the sake of being evil. There needed to be a reason why he made the choices he did. How well I’ve done that so far remains to be seen.

Ultimately, I enjoy getting lost in telling a story and hope the audience gets something significant out of it.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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