Preparation for an Art Exhibition

I have been busy multi-tasking between projects and putting time aside to rest. After staying up much of the night to look at the U.S. Presidential Election results, I am ready to rest a bit. It will have to wait.

In preparation for the Spectrum: Miami Exhibition’s Opening Night three weeks from today, I ordered the accepted art piece on Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster Paper. I know, it’s a long title. I had never ordered this paper type before because it is more expensive. Yet, I decided to only print my art collection on this paper type because the quality of Moab paper has received great reviews from fellow artists.
Art Arrival
The package arrived earlier than expected. I was happily surprised that the print was not rolled up and slid into a container. It remained flat in a box big enough to easily fit the 24-inch by 36-inch frame purchased for it. Drum roll…
Art Arrival
My biggest concern was not to cut into the print while opening the box. They put the packing paper on top keeping the actual print safely away…
Art Arrival
I flipped over the large cardboard panel to see the print securely taped to the back of it. I also noticed the print was face down, which helps keep the surface from being scratched…
Art Arrival
I was nervous as I peeled the thick scotch tape away. Upon flipping the print over, I noticed the weight of the paper stock…
Art Arrival
Peeling back two more pieces of heavy scotch tape, I slid the print out doing my best not to let the print get stuck on the tape. (That could cause a problem). Crisp detail can still be seen in the darker shadows, something I lost sleep over. When a scene is this dark, you can lose that detail easily…
Art Arrival
All I could do was stare at it for a while. I’d like to thank my family members who invested in this project because I could not have done this without their help. I think they were relieved by how well it looks. They really haven’t seen my work printed out before.

I’d also like to thank the Staff at The Artbox.Projects. They are scheduled to arrive from Switzerland and the art piece will take a short trip south to Miami. Not only will this piece be available for sale, I’m also able to sell copies of this work if Collectors request it.

To have my artwork on such a stage has been a long time coming. Since I’ve been juggling a few projects and dealing with personal life challenges, it’s more difficult to take a breath and appreciate the moment. However, I thank God for blessing me to move forward in this process despite everything that’s happened.

I plan to share more News a week from now. Until then, I want to focus on the work that must be done to accomplish my goals.

God bless you.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. So excited for you πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

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