"Rest" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Sold: Artwork finds a new Home.

"Rest" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
Recently, I decided to write a post every Wednesday. A few days ago, I shared an update with you all about my current and near future plans. Specially, I mentioned the upcoming Exhibition at Spectrum: Miami. I am shipping the art piece entitled, “Rest” to the venue next week.

Recap: Initially, I entered my work to be selected by the Staff at The Artbox.Projects. Upon selection, my work would be displayed alongside many talents artists on large, interactive screens. I was thrilled to find out my work was accepted.

Furthermore, three Finalists would be selected to have their submission printed and displayed at the Exhibition. Again, I was shocked when my art piece was selected as one of the three Finalists.

However, I never anticipated having to print my work for this Event. The paper is quite expensive. I needed to ask my sister for a loan to order the paper, so that I could send the print to Miami. She agreed. When the print arrived, she was interested to see how her investment looked. Thumbs up.

I was so impressed with how the print turned out, I photographed it and sent a picture to The Artbox.Projects Staff to let them see my progress. They emailed me back on Thursday. Well, they liked it so much they decided to purchase it for their Gallery in Switzerland.

Of course, I was thrilled (and relieved!) to text my sister the good news. Everyone’s happy. Although this framed print will be at the Exhibit, it’s already taken. 🙂 Potential buyers who attend will be able to order copies of this piece or one of my other works.

Ultimately, I would like to create an e-commerce website making it easier for buyers to purchase my work at various sizes. Until then, I have to make sure the work remains organized and the website is simple enough to navigate.

"Rest" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
I know that I not arrived. I still have a ways to go. Still, I have to present myself and my work as if I have. Then, when people see my work, they’ll know how passionate I am about what I’m doing. You can’t focus on what you don’t have or what you can’t do at the moment. Focus on how you can take the next step and then the next…

It does take quite a bit of faith in yourself and enough people to have faith in you to succeed. It’s scary, frightening, but there’s no other way to do this. And when the spotlight turns on, when the crowds finally notice you, don’t forget about the people who were there when life was dark, silent, and uncertain. Don’t forget who you are.

Eric Christopher Jackson

P.S. : Sleep deprived? A lot on your to-do list? It’s okay. I made time to play video games with my oldest nephew last night. In his early twenties already (yikes). It’s the first time I realized we both like racing games. Now matter how busy you are, try to make time for these moments because time hesitates for no one. And these moments will be gone.

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