Glimpse: The Artbox.Projects @ Spectrum Miami 2016

Glimpse: The Artbox.Projects’ Booth No.211 @ Spectrum Miami 2016

Glimpse: The Artbox.Projects @ Spectrum Miami 2016
Happy Friday!
The Staff of The Artbox.Projects will share photos and a video of the event. However, I wanted to find a Live view from others in attendance.I have been losing sleep searching #SpectrumMiami in hopes of getting a glimpse of my artwork. Yay! for fellow artist @azaldeguimodernart Thank you. 🙂 🙌 While capturing a photograph of her artwork on the big screen, I got a look at “Rest” hanging nearby. WooHoo! (They have a couch😮).

Of course, I will share updates from the Gallery when I can. I know. I need about a hundred more of these exhibitions, but this is a great start. Quick nap?😴 Perhaps, I’ve already gone through two helpings of tea. ☕

Eric Christopher Jackson

P.S. : A couple of blog posts ago, I mentioned working with a potential business ‘partner’ of sorts. A few art pieces have been Approved and are ready. I simply want to make sure I understand all of the details before I share the news with you all. Hopefully, more art pieces can be Approved in the near future. I’ll write a new blog post specifically about this project soon.

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