Sea of Colors | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Sea of Colors : 2014

"Sea of Colors" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson
“As the sun was setting, I caught a glimpse of the sky. Purples, reds, oranges, it doesn’t happen every day and no two days have been the same for centuries. Some days, no doubt, I miss it. But yesterday, I did not.” -ecj

Dimensions: 24in x 36in (61cm x 91cm)

– Archival Contemporary Art Luster Print
– 1/4″ Foam Board Mount (Prevents Image Warping)
– Gallery Series | Black Scoop Wood Frame
– Paper Backing & Ready-to-Hang
– High-Quality Clear Acrylic Sheet

Gallery Series | Black Scoop Wood

It was a pleasure to be a part of Spectrum Miami 2016. I hope to make a bigger impact next year, but that starts with building a more solid foundation right now.

The Winner of the Competition for The Artbox.Projects will be announced on Saturday, December 10, 2016. Their work will be featured at The Artbox Gallery in Switzerland. Again, I am honored to have been selected as a Finalist.

This experience has taught me that I have to improve my work in order to compete with fellow artists. The Art Industry is more predominant than I imagined. Over 160 Galleries from all around the world attended Miami Art Week. If you don’t separate yourself from among the crowd by continuing to grow, you’ll quickly fall into the shadows.

With this in mind, I spent much of the past few days critiquing my own Collection and selecting about 25 pieces that I feel should compete well in the Industry. You can view them on the Shop  page. Next, I have to add new work to the Collection, which means brainstorming concepts and using my days off from teaching to go exploring with my camera.

Hopefully, the 25 pieces selected, including “Sea of Colors,” are a good foundation to use in submitting artwork to more galleries and competitions. It will take some time. I have to be patient, yet, focused on my goals.

Each step gets me a little closer to home.
Eric Christopher Jackson

P.S. : Around the holidays, my emotions begin to stir more than usual, which means my writing takes a different tone. Often times, I use short blurbs as an outlet for these emotions. Instagram is where they usually end up. For example:

Out Loud


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