Treniq : Featuring Contemporary Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Treniq: Becoming an International Supplier of Contemporary Art

Treniq : Featuring Contemporary Art by Eric Christopher Jackson
One of my goals has been to expand the reach of my Art Collection by introducing my work to new audiences. Having an art piece featured by a Gallery at Spectrum Miami 2016 was a great start. However, there’s no time for complacency.

About three weeks ago, a Representative of Treniq reached out to me on my Instagram page after viewing the framed art piece I sold. After some digging into the company history and preparation of my work, I took another step in the right direction…

Treniq is a trade platform for professional buyers and sellers of luxury interior products. At Treniq, we enable interior designers, stylists, architects, and retail buyers discover and source exclusive furniture, lighting and decor from around the world. Our Aim is to Make Sourcing for Interior Products Easy!

Treniq is a Business-to-Business marketplace, which separates it from the other outlets featuring my Collection. Because it’s based in London, the currency is changed to GBP when pricing the artwork. You can visit my work:

Twenty-one of my art pieces have been accepted and approved by their Staff. I do plan on adding a few more pieces to this Collection, but only a few. My Collection is exhibited on several sites, which makes it a challenge to keep them all in sync. This way, each outlet stays organized and I keep my sanity. 🙂

The real work is to market the Listings to other international businesses. Treniq encourages Sellers to upload a Catalogue(s) of available products for professional buyers. I decided that this will be great for casual buyers, as well. I can simplify the art listing descriptions on this website and add more detailed information in the Catalogue. It will take some time to create.

I have fallen behind schedule a bit since I’ve been fighting a cold the past few days. However, I was able to work on my laptop in bed while drinking plenty of orange juice and eating chicken soup. Unfortunately, that didn’t get me through yesterday as I needed to drop everything and get some rest. I can only hope to feel better by Saturday morning because I have classes to teach this weekend.

Special “Thank You” to Community Manager, Karen, and Business Development Manager, Marin, for helping me setup my Collection on Treniq. Continue to share your passion, you never know who will notice.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. This is exciting! Congratulations. And I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I’ve loved catching up with all this, I’m very excited for you 😀✨

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