Rest : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Winner | Voting Results : The Artbox.Projects @ Spectrum Miami 2016

For a recap of the process, upon submitting your artwork to The Artbox.Projects, all approved art pieces would be featured on large monitors in Booth No.211 @ Spectrum Miami 2016. Over 600 entries were received…

Out of the approved artwork, three art pieces would be selected by the Staff to be printed and hung in Booth No.211 for the five-day event. Along with works by Eugen Bregu and AINO, my art piece was selected as a Finalist.

This is when the voting public stepped in. During Spectrum Miami, visitors to the Booth could Vote for their favorite art piece from the three Finalists. Whoever received the most Votes during the event would be declared the Winner of the Competition.

The Winner will sign a collaboration contract with The Artbox Gallery in Zug, Switzerland.

The results are in. It was an extremely close Contest with First Place receiving 37.9% of the Vote; Second Place received 35.3% of the Vote; and Third Place received 26.8% of the Vote.

And the Winner is: (drumroll, please…)

"Rest" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Rest.” – Featured on The Artbox.Projects: Miami 1.0

Again, I was happy when my art piece was approved to be shown on-screen. I was thrilled when I was able to have my work printed and hung at the exhibition. Now…

Whew. I thank God for the opportunity to share my work. I’m thankful for everyone who voted for us because it means a lot. I’m thankful for the people who helped me get the artwork to Miami. I’m thankful for the Staff at The Artbox.Project for selecting my work as a Finalist. Patricia, Dennys, Moritz, Lisa, Julian. You guys rock.

To be honest, I wanted my work to be Approved. I wanted my work to be a Finalist. I wanted my art piece to win. I just didn’t think the latter two of the three ‘wants’ would happen.

My work was competing against paintings, mixed media, sculpture. In the Art Industry, digital photography isn’t seen as the most respected medium and quite a few believe it takes less skill to master it, especially compared to painting and sculpture.

Still, I felt like “Rest” isn’t just a photograph or snap of a pretty picture. I wanted to enter a piece in the Competition that I felt would resonate with complete strangers who had no backstory of the image at all. My entry needed personality, character, the ability to speak while being silent.

When I look at “Rest,” I get a feeling of ‘calm strength.’ Some categorize it as a religious art piece. I understand their point-of-view, though I can’t stand the word, “religion.” Still, I did want to capture a two-person portraiture.

In this case, since I can’t photograph a ‘form’ of God, I decided to have a single, strong source of light represent Him in the scene. I wasn’t trying to convert people to Christianity. I was trying to show others (show myself for that matter) my point-of-view. This is what I see…

As I’ve mentioned several times before, because Christianity isn’t held in the most positive of lights, I didn’t expect a warm reception from many people. Yet, time and again, I’ve been proven wrong.

What’s next? First, I have to relax today. My cold isn’t gone after all. I have to teach a few classes through Monday before my next day off. Still, it’s Saturday. Laying down on a Saturday is not only boring, it’s down-right un-Constitutional! 🙂 I can’t be sick on the weekend!

More importantly, I need to work on the Catalogue mentioned in the previous blog. Ideas for the layout are becoming clearer. It’s not difficult to create, it’s just time-consuming, paying attention to all of the details.

I’ll leave with you a video of Spectrum Miami 2016 shared by The Artbox.Projects Staff. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend exhibitions like this in the near future.

Thank you all for being awesome. 🙂
Eric Christopher Jackson

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