Featured | "Brand of the Week" : Treniq

Featured | “Brand of the Week” on Treniq

Featured | "Brand of the Week" : Treniq

Treniq | Homepage

Happy Tuesday,
Today’s News highlights my profile on Treniq. I was happy to see this morning’s Newsletter featuring my work for Brand of the Week.

Featured | "Brand of the Week" : Treniq

Treniq | Official Newsletter Banner

This was a welcomed sight because my day of English Teaching yesterday was a bit exhausting. Afterward, I began working on the Catalogue only to be reminded that I’d already set up a few Editions. They simply need to be updated.

This morning began with updating my poetry books. Once approved, they will include the new domain name (byecj.com) in the manuscript. I finally got passed layout issues that are common when submitting files to be self-published.

In other news, I have been approved to be an iStock photographer, which means I will be creating some stock photography for commercial use. My Profile is Live. However, only a few images have been published, so far. I’m in the process of uploading more scenes for approval.

Deciding on how stylized I want the stock photos to be has been an issue. Learning as I go. It may take a few weeks for more photos to be approved since Getty Images is such a massive collection of work. As an example of a photo submitted today, here’s a scene of an apple… šŸ™‚

"Single Green Apple" : Stock Photography by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Single Green Apple” : Stock Photography by Eric Christopher Jackson

I did stay away from stock photography because I felt it was boring. I tried to capture subjects in the same way other photographers do. It just doesn’t work for me. Although I want to add some color to this collection, I have to stay true to my style because that’s what I’m good at.

When the page has more work presented, I will write a blog exclusively for it. For now, you can see three pieces at: istockphoto.com/portfolio/ericchristopherjackson

I’m doing my best to complete unfinished projects this month to free up time to create new work in January. As I cross things off my to-do list, I can plan more for 2017.

God bless.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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