It Begins Again…

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How did you bring in the New Year? First, I have to say that I’m not a Scrooge. Still, I did not do anything special. No Countdown. No celebration. No Resolutions. I spent most of the day working towards a few of my goals. Sketching new concepts. Thinking about what I needed to do to be in a better position in 2018. Not a typo. 2018. Not 2017.

The Moment | Written by Eric Christopher Jackson

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My thinking is, if I do what I’m supposed to do throughout this year, I won’t have too many Resolutions to make this time next year. If you find yourself making the same resolutions every year, you need to the adjust your lifestyle. Throw the New Year’s Resolutions out the window. Don’t wait until January 1st to fix something that can be changed any day of the year.

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I am slightly concerned about my lack of enthusiasm during the holiday season. I didn’t reach all of my 2016 goals, which consumed my mind as the year came to a close. For now, I sit in silence, chipping away at the juggernaut. No more planning. No more waiting for next year’s resolutions. Take a deep breath…

Eric Christopher Jackson

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