ViewBug Photography Community | 2016 Image of the Year Nomination

ViewBug | 2016 Image of the Year Nomination
Hello Readers,
For you who have followed my blog as of late, the featured artwork looks familiar. Actually, you’ve seen it several times as I shared news leading up to Spectrum Miami in December 2016 where it was also featured.

Well, it’s back as the winner of the “Member Selection Award” for December 2016. Selected by the Photography Community at ViewBug. As well, it is in the running for the “2016 Image of the Year Award.” After the first week of Voting, “Rest” is in the Top 10% of Votes received.

Finally, the same art piece received a nod from a ViewBug Editor to include a “Behind the Lens” story which explains the process and some personal thoughts about the image. To see all of this information, visit the link.

As a reminder, I should receive some news about the collaboration with The Artbox Gallery in Switzerland by the end of next week. I am nervous and excited. Slightly hyper. 🙂

For now, I must turn my attention to the Creative Writing section of this website. I’ve been so preoccupied by the progress with my artwork, my writing has taken a back seat. I need to add the rest of my work here for you all to read.

Yes. I completely forgot I’ve written some of these stories last year and they’ve collected digital dust. I plan to share entire stories as one blog post each and link them to the Books > Storyteller page, which you can find in the spiffy Navigation bar.

Until next time,
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Veena says:

    Congrats! I also have an account on ViewBug and won many awards and I love how they encourage us to post our photographs to enhance our skills and receive recognition for our talents!

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