"Redemption" | Poetry Collection by Eric Christopher Jackson

Book Excerpt | “Perfect Love” featured in “Redemption”

"Redemption" | Poetry Collection by Eric Christopher Jackson
Poetry Collection by Eric Christopher Jackson
Available in Paperback & Kindle
ISBN: 978-1533219763

“Perfect Love”

I get used to the darkness
It is as bright as the sunshine
It is as clear as day
Though my head is heavy
My soul is frail
My spirit is forgotten

Suddenly, above me
A little to the right
A piercing light
I try to hide
It illuminates all my sin
My failures
My mediocrity
It blinds me
And tears my sin away

Then, I realize
I’m covered in darkness
Like old charcoal
That blows away like chaff
The real me
Or who I’m supposed to be

I crawl across the bare floor
Still blinded by the piercing light
Feeling like I can’t take it anymore
It pierces me still
Such power, such force

So revealing, my embarrassment
My shame turning into pain

I collapse on the bare floor
“What are You doing?” I ask
He pierces me even more
I refuse the correction
I fight against the change
Until my heart is pierced
By the blinding light
I am not the same

More confidence
More strength
More willingness to give up
The sin I learned to love so much

The light begins to subside
Is my heart pure again?
In what condition has He left me?

New skin, overlaid with gold
New mind, with stories untold
A deliverence I never thought
Could be
His perfect love took out the fear
In me


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