Clouds Falling | 2015

It began to dawn on me that I have two major art exhibitions within the next four months. After teaching my final English class for the day, I stared at my laptop wondering what I would do next in preparation for such a huge event in my life.

After updating a few book projects, I could only think of sleep. I needed a nap, though I rarely sleep during midday. Why? Because of times like this, I’m awake after 2am.

Still, the rest did some good once the groggy feeling faded away. My mind was more focused on doing…something. Something wasn’t right. Something was out of place. I thought of the upcoming exhibitions even more and began to look through the Archives of my work.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my style of work. Yet, I feel it can be improved.

I began editing a scene that never came out just right and stumbled upon an alternate style that interested me. I decided to edit one of the more popular scenes in my Collection, just to see how the alternate style would effect it…

"Clouds Fall" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Clouds Fall” : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

It’s alright, but…I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling to try this different approach. Although I won the Competition to have this amazing opportunity to exhibit my work overseas, the work of the other artists is glaringly different from mine. Thank God for the people who voted for me, but moving forward… How can I improve?

After applying the adjustments, I sat back to see what really changed. Does it look anything like it did before?

"Clouds Falling" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Clouds Falling” : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

It reminds me of a painting. A painted photograph. Glorious. Bright. Almost…mesmerizing. I have to keep it! I continued to test this altered style on other scenes of clouds. Hmm, it’s worth experimenting further.

For now, Cloud Falls has become Clouds Falling. It feels like a rebirth. Perhaps, more art collectors will like this style better. Perhaps, not. The only way to know for sure is to share it with the town’s folk and see how they respond.

What do you think of the change? Thumbs up? Down? Somewhere in-between? Leave your thoughts, please.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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