Pink & Blue | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

& Blue (2015) | Deconstruction of Me.

Friday Eve,
I cling to structure in my work. It can be numbers-based as I make adjustments on my camera and in PhotoShop (or Adobe Camera Raw). It’s easy for me to understand how to get a piece of art looking the way I want it. Yet, I feel there’s another step to take.

One of my Graphic Design professors always pushed me to feel more than think. He would look at my projects: neat, organize, by the book. It seemed to bother him to some degree. As I put together my final project for the Quarter, he kinda took over my work. Moving images, adding things. Was there any rhyme or reason to any of it?

He passed away, suddenly, a few years after I graduated. 😦 But his message still bugged me. Feel? I’m used to planning, analyzing, adjusting. Quick example: Most people who know me think I don’t drink alcohol simply because I’m a Christian. No. More so, because I want total control, 100%. Alcohol alters that (and it smells bad). Logically, I’d stay away from it…

So, why am I still bothered? Well, control by analysis has led to overthinking multiple situations, which has hindered my progress in achieving my goals. That said, I’ve continued my search in trying to feel my way through creating work.

This is insane.

How do people function with such loose boundaries in creating masterpieces? Yet, I realize there’s beauty within the chaos. Controlled chaos. Like the Universe, I suppose. The obvious question is: How the heck am I suppose to control chaos? The meaning of the word screams the opposite of any kind of oversight.

Still, I feel the need to try. I searched for another volunteer to test my theory…

Pink Blue

“Pink Blue” (2015) | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

I decided to take this scene out of my Collection months ago. There’s nothing wrong with it. I like the colors. It just feels like it needs a little more. So, I put aside a few plans, opened Adobe Camera Raw, and began to alter the scene. Perhaps, there’s a better interpretation of it. Maybe I can see it in a new way, as cliche as that is…

"Pink & Blue" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“& Blue” (2015) : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

What happened? The scene was slightly deconstructed…or I was. Pulled. Stretched. Broken to become something beautiful. At least, that is my attempt. Did I succeed? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I just have to keep trying. What do you see?

It feels like a better piece to me…
Eric Christopher Jackson

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