Behind the Veil | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Behind the Veil (2015)

I’ve put my plans on hold.
My mind continues to search for something my heart has been screaming all along. As before, I need another volunteer to test my theory. Another art piece that may need to be reborn…

Behind the Veil
Yes, a perfect candidate for this experiment. Behind the Veil. I opened Adobe Camera Raw and began to apply the new adjustments I’ve been using this week. A few bumps in the road. Something wasn’t right. A few steps back; a few steps forward in another direction. Now. There it is. I can see it. What it was meant to be…

"Behind the Veil" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Behind the Veil (2015)

I duplicated the 2015 file. Just in case. I didn’t want to ruin it and not be able to go back to the original edit. But tonight’s edits were so good, I deleted the original edits. This…is much…better. 🙂

I don’t how to describe it, you guys. My attempt to share this concept in 2015 was okay, but I couldn’t get what I saw in my head on the screen. Now, I can. For some odd reason… I don’t get it.

(sigh) This isn’t the only scene I’ve been working on tonight. There’s more. To the point where I’ve practically frozen my entire Collection until I figure out what’s going on. I’m seeing almost all of my art pieces differently, it’s bizarre. Meaning I’m looking into which scenes will change, which ones will stay the same, and which ones I thought were no good, but can now add to my Collection.

I have a lot of art pieces.

I’d be really upset about this if I wasn’t fascinated by the new results. It’s astounding… Alright. I’ll be quarantined for a bit longer and then, I’ll share what I have. To the Bat Cave! (which is sitting on the carpet with my laptop propped on my pillow and blanket. I really do need a desk of some kind).

What do you think of the rebirth of Behind the Veil?
Eric Christopher Jackson

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