Two Birds | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Resident Artist: The Artbox Gallery | Switzerland

On the final day of the first month in 2017, I can only sit while staring into space. Lost in a myriad of thoughts. I think about when my journey officially began in November 2007. I’d lost my job working in a warehouse and thought of becoming a professional artist (again). No, it wasn’t the first time the thought crossed my mind. I was forced into trying to change my life for the better.

It’s been a long road since then. Many ups, downs, uncertainties. How many questions have I had since then? How many times did this drive within me not make any sense? How many times did I try to quit only to return to pursuing the same goal? I couldn’t explain why to myself let alone anyone else. After a while, I stopped trying.

Last year, I thought that was the end. Life was forcing me to give up. What choice did I have? Everything said, “This is not going to work,” and I couldn’t argue against it anymore. It’s all a blur, now. Almost feels like eons ago. Needless to say, I haven’t taken a straight line to get to this point. I’ve literally been in quite a few places trying not to get lost while wondering if my dream is really a fantasy.

I stopped praying. I stopped asking God questions. I stopped questioning myself and what I was doing. I don’t know. One day, I just decided this is it. All in or nothing without any logical reasoning behind it. This is who I am.

I won’t go back through the story in any more detail about how I got to this point. It just amazes me that I’m here, right now.


"Two Birds" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Two Birds (2009)


As mentioned in previous blog posts, since I received enough votes at Booth No.211 from the awesome attendees of Spectrum Miami 2016, I was awarded a collaboration contract with The Artbox Gallery. Although we are still working through some details, I can share with you that I’ve been added to their Gallery as a Resident Artist.

It is a great honor because only seven others are listed with me. There are two upcoming Exhibitions that I will share more details about next month. For now, we’re looking at a Group Exhibition in March 2017 while participating in Art Basel Week @ Euroairport in June 2017. Recently, I learned that Basel, Switzerland is where the borders of Switzerland, France, & Germany meet. A large audience is expected to attend the Event in June.

You can visit my art space:

The Gallery Curators chose seven pieces from my Collection to Feature. I’m happy that it turned out to be a mixture of older and more recent work. I still have new work to share with you guys and I want to begin displaying my work a bit differently on my social media channels. I’m also taking steps to promote my books…among other things. Oh my goodness… 🙂 This is why I will probably post on social media a bit less to focus on completing a few projects.

I want to thank the Curators at The Artbox Gallery for giving me the opportunity to live out my dream. Thank you all for following my work. Finally, I want to say: Jesus, thank You. I hope to use what You’ve given me to help make the world a happier place.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Yes I understand I’ve had to cut down on blogging sadly as breaks between learning and performing are getting shorter but I enjoy it so much I’ll not give it up, good luck with everything Eric.

  2. As I was reading this it felt very much like my own journey. You’re on the right track: keep going! You have an amazing talent and I enjoy seeing your work very much.

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