Custom Wedding Registry with Jung Lee NY

Complete your Custom Wedding Registry with Jung Lee NY | Receive $100 towards the Registry.
Referral: Eric Christopher

As an event planner, the idea for an inspired and exciting registry came to Jung after years of listening to her own bridal clients complain about the lackluster options: a cookie-cutter approach, with little imagination and no personalized service. Just a checklist of items, regardless of where or how they lived. At Jung Lee NY, we make the process exciting again! We experiment with a variety of tabletop settings and design vignettes, taking into consideration what you already own, what you will inherit, and what you plan to add in the future.

Registry for your lifestyle

Your registry should be customized for you — how you live, your personal style, your passions and your interests. This how you dine every night, how you like to entertain, and the food and beverages you love to enjoy. With this in mind, we will work with you to build a registry that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Jung Lee NY : Vogue

I’ve been following Jung Lee NY‘s work on Instagram for a while. The way certain scenes are captured draws my attention; I usually compliment the lighting and composition.

I was surprised when one of the representatives contacted me about an offer to forward to my network. Of course, I asked myself, “What is a Wedding Registry?” 🙂 After reading through the website, I realized it’s simply the items you want to include at your wedding. There are quite a few styles to chose from by several Designers. I’m fascinated with candles and glasses. A few examples are below.

If you use me as a Referral to JLNY and complete your Custom Wedding Registry, you will receive $100 towards your Custom Registry. That is awesome.

Special Thanks to JLNY.
Eric Christopher Jackson

Jung Lee NY

Jung Lee NY


Jung Lee NY

Jung Lee NY


Jung Lee NY

Jung Lee NY

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