"Two Hearts" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Two Hearts (2015)

"Two Hearts" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Two Hearts (2015)


I continue to grow as an artist, a creative. Sometimes, I’ll have in mind how a piece is suppose to look before I begin editing only to become frustrated when I can’t get the artwork to cooperate. This was the case during the re-edit of Two Hearts.

As many of you may know, I’m pretty organized and I like to have control of almost everything. However, Art teaches me that if I ease up a bit, let it breathe, I’ll create better work. Allow the artwork be what it wants to be.

In many cases, my style leans towards using a lot of black. As far as Composition, elements within the scene are fairly straightforward. Logically, I can explain why a certain element is in a certain space.

Art pieces like Two Hearts push me to stretch my thinking. This is how I feel opposed to this is what I think. While much of my work gives off certain emotions, it’s based on a thought or certain rules. I understand the rules of photography and design which evokes a feeling and can be executed without feeling that way myself.

Feelings can be all over the place. No structure. No reason. They can take you on a roller coaster ride in a span of a few minutes. I find myself on this roller coaster when I try to create work about love.

It’s difficult to get my brain to focus and construct something that shows this emotion effectively. Again, I try to control it like everything else and it seems quite wilely. Chaotic. Can you really control chaos?

Now, what does this piece mean? Two hearts. In love. And…and…it shifts from extreme light to pitch black dark. Odd. Perhaps, this is my awkward approach of thinking about relationships. Can you control who you fall in love with or where your heart tends to travel? Can you fall in love and try to protect the relationship so much you suffocate it? Maybe it simply means love extinguishes darkness…

Yes. I like the thought. 🙂 What do you think?

Happy Friday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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  1. I like the intensity of the colour

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