Distracted by Distractions

Eric Christopher Jackson



Today, I would like to talk about distractions. Have you ever been determined to accomplish something (i.e. writing a book, taking a class, changing a habit), yet, it seems as if your focus is constantly interrupted by distractions. Maybe you catch a cold or even the flu. Maybe your schedule suddenly overflows with menial tasks. Maybe your favorite show is starting a new season and you just have to keep up with its progress. Yes, distractions can slow us down. Some of them are out of our control while others… we can happily invite them.

In order to accomplish a lofty goal, we need a level of self-discipline that we may rarely want to use. This requires us to stay on task long after we have ceased to want to. The excitement of accomplishing a goal has not only waned, it’s dead & buried. Now, we look to a new goal while dropping our progress in the middle of the current one. And once the excitement of the new goal is gone, we drop another project-in-progress to chase another… squirrel? (Hi, there). 🙂

Often times, all of our goals are admirable. Of course, they won’t do us any good if we never finish what we start.

I do want to highlight my biggest distraction because it has hindered me periodically over the years. It’s called low self-esteem. How can this be a distraction? Well, if your self-esteem is low, even when you strive after a goal, once you begin to face heavy opposition, you won’t fight for what you want. You’ll give up and settle for mediocrity because you feel like you can’t overcome the obstacles. You don’t quite believe in yourself enough to accomplish your dreams.

Yes, it’s great to believe in God, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get very far.

I have given up my dreams before to apply for the typical job or take advantage of a logical opportunity. It’s the safe way to go, isn’t it? However, I’ve found that the logical road may not last as long as you think. Ultimately, I’ve always ended back up at square one: Longing to see my dreams come true.

Without further delay, I decided to face my fears of being in a spotlight by taking more significant steps to make this dream a reality. The self-portrait above represents an attempt to face the mirror. Don’t be afraid of the crowd. Don’t be distracted by your fears or what embarrassing scenario might happen. Yes, you’ll make mistakes along the way. But if you never make a mistake that simply means you’re not trying to do anything. Mistakes aren’t evil. 🙂 You can learn from all of them to help you improve for the next round.

Well, I hope this message encouraged you to stop focusing on the problem, but focus on the solution. No matter what happens, don’t back down. Keep moving forward.

Happy Tuesday.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Keep on swimming 🙂

  2. Xavier says:

    Wow this is very deep and it touched me

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